Why Karmic Ice Cream Trucks?

Pointing at Shooting Star

Life is a Combination of Magic and Ice Cream

There was something magical when you heard the bells of the ice cream truck approaching. It was as if the truck just appeared out of nowhere. In that instant, life was happy. Didn’t matter where you lived, where you grew up, no one had to educate you about those bells. Everyone that heard those bells came running. Instantly there was a community joined together in happiness just eating ice cream. It was the common bond for all… magic and ice cream.
We’ve longed for those good old days. It’s been our dream to bring those feelings back, not just for us, but for our entire community in South Florida. The old style ice cream trucks… those with history. Those with character. Those that evoke smiles and awe when the “clicking” latch of the freezer was opened. Can you hear it? We sure did.
Since childhood we have all dreamed of having our own ice cream truck, ringing those bells and bringing joy to all those who came running. We are now living that dream, providing smiles and creating good karma along the way. Building our “Fleet of Happiness” we knew we were on the right track. Having Karmic Ice Cream at your event is sure to bring back memories and create new ones.
Why Karmic Ice Cream? The word “Karmic” can be defined as one’s destiny or fate. It was our fate to form Karmic Ice Cream… it was meant to be.
Putting Star in the Sky
  • Boy Excited About Ice Cream
    Best Ice Cream Ever! I couldn't stop eating it. I must have had a brain freeze all day.
    Billy Garcia
    Some Random Kid
  • Red Head Lady Ice Cream
    I love the ice cream, especially when it comes from a vintage ice cream truck!
    Mary Stevens

“A balanced diet is an ice cream in each hand.”*“Who needs wine when you can have ice cream.”*“Ice cream solves everything.”*“Life is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.”*“Ice cream is always a good idea.”*“All you need is ice cream.”*“The only man worth chasing is the ice cream man.”*“Life is a combination of magic and ice cream.”*“Ice cream is duct tape for the heart.”*“The best time for ice cream is always.”*“Life is better when you add ice cream.”*“Happiness is… the sound of an ice cream truck.”*“Life is short, eat ice cream first.”*“My favorite flavor of ice cream is “more”.*“A party without ice cream is just a meeting.”

Make a memory no one will ever forget…