Why Karmic Ice Cream Trucks ?


Purveyors of Happiness

Remember when times were simple? Summer days were filled with  just being a kid…biking, hopscotch, tag, kickball, drinking water from a  hose, running to the playground, making up games,  and the best memory  of all…those bells!

The bells would ring and we would all shout ICE CREAM MAN! ICE CREAM  MAN!  Moms, dads, kids, neighbors would all gather together delighting  in the delicious  yummy treat of ice cream. Those days were gone… until  now.

Karmic Ice Cream trucks are here to bring back the warmth and excitement of  all that nostalgia.  The happiest of memories are relived with our ice cream truck fleet. Are you ready to have fun? We are Purveyors of Happiness. We even Trademarked it :)

Karmic Ice Cream has all your favorite Ice Cream Truck flavors

We Carry All Your Favorite Ice Cream Truck Flavors!

How cool would it be to choose the flavors that go into your ice cream truck? Well, we aim to please! Part of your Karmic Ice Cream truck rental experience is choosing the treats that you will have at your event.

Everybody remembers their “favorite” – Toasted Almond, Chocolate  Éclair, Strawberry Shortcake, Choco Taco, Klondike Bar, Push-up Pops,  King Cones, the classic Ice Cream Sandwich…to name a few. Never fear, we  have access to them all and even some that you may not be familiar  with. 

We carry – Good Humor, Rich’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Dove Bars, Klondike, Mars, Bindi, Popsicle, Rosati Ice, Blue Bunny, Bomb Pops.

Dietary needs? No problem. Everyone deserves ice cream!
Lactose-Free • Nut-Free • Sugar-Free • Whey-Free • Kosher • Gluten-Free• Organic


With a Karmic Ice Cream Truck, Returning to Your Childhood is Just One Lick Away!

Each of our ice cream trucks and ice cream carts are very special and unique.  Hire one or more  of them for your event and every guest will enjoy a delicious ice cream  treat, have a new memory, and a great story to share.  Don’t be  surprised when your event becomes the buzz of social media. Ready to  have some fun?